My Travels

When I'm not working, and can afford it, I love to travel. I like to explore European cities and to sit leisurely at a café and watch people go by. I like to find a nice road and take a scenic trip on my motorcycle or catch a train in Italy and enjoy the countryside as it speeds by. I've only been to a fraction of the places I long to see, but I'm still looking out for that next destination and hope to be for many years yet.

I've put photos of some of my travels on one of my Facebook pages - A Woman Abroad. I hope you enjoy them and it inspires you to take some voyages of your own.

Heading back to Europe at the end of 2019 to see the World Junior Hockey in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Long time dream of ours to see the championships live in a European setting, and really looking forward to it. Stops in Frankfurt and Prague are in the plan.