the reluctant dragon.2017

About the Work

I called up to volunteer to help with costumes for the Rossland Light Opera Players in the fall of 2016, thinking that it would be a great experience while I attending college studying Textiles.

What I didn't know was that the previous Costume Designer had recently hurt her back and had no one to fill in for the next show. With some trepidation, I agreed to take on the job - having never made a costume before beyond the ones I made for my son for Halloween. I also severely underestimated how much time it would take out of my school work as well. I had costumes for 20+ players and some had multiples. This included creating a suit of armour. I would never have survived it had I not ended up with some wonderful sewers on my team. Between us we got the job done - and I got through the work I needed for my course too.

So, while not a true depiction of medieval clothing, the cast did end up with as authentic a showing as I was able to portray at the time. All costumes built from scratch are hand-dyed and made from cotton. Many of the pieces were pulled from the wardrobe and refashioned to suit the production, as well.

Jodi Beamish

April, 2017

Photos by Doell Photo