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about me

I am a wife...and a mother... and a REALTOR®.

You can find my Real Estate page online at:

Houses are something I’ve always been interested in. My husband and I have bought and renovated quite a number of them, so I’ve learned a lot about them along the way. I like the possibilities of the spaces and the excitement of new buyers.

I love to read and ride my motorcycle.

I love to create - whether it's with fabric, or paper, or paint. I dabble in lots of mediums, but right now my focus is painting, mostly in oils and watercolours. And I’m loving making clothing out of linen & wool.

Life is flying by at an alarming rate - I don't want to miss a thing!



About Me

I am one of those people who likes to figure out how to do something new. In my life I've worked at many jobs - bank CSR, insurance broker, realtor, photo lab technician, small business owner - however my longest stint to date was as a designer. For over 17 years I designed for machine quilting. While I am no longer designing, my ClothWerx patterns live on at Willow Leaf Studio.

Now I’m licensed as a REALTOR® and Property Manager. I like the flexibility of the job and I like that it has a people part to it and a details part. It also allows me to use a lot of the knowledge I’ve learned along the way with other jobs, which is cool. I feel like they built up to this.

I'm not a great athlete, but enjoy yoga. I like to walk my neighbourhood and say "Hi" to the neighbours as I go by. I snowshoe in the winter.

I spend most of my time with my husband and son, because I find them interesting and fun. But I do like to entertain - mostly small dinner parties with friends. That's the only time I really enjoy cooking, the rest of the time it's just a necessity and I'm ever thankful that my hubby likes to cook more than I do.

I spin, knit, sew, paint and play the guitar (very poorly) while singing along (even more poorly). If I had all the money in the world, what I would want to do most is travel. I love to see other places. My next destination is Ireland for 2019.

I read every day, mostly fantasy, space opera, or trashy romance. When it come to books I'm not deep - I just like to read - a lot.