Where can I buy your designs?

All of my designs are available online through WillowLeafStudio.com. They are available in PAPER patterns & in DIGITAL versions for most computerized systems.

Can I buy wholesale for my store?

Those inquiries are all handled at WillowLeafStudio.com. Please note that I do not respond to any pattern order questions, including wholesale inquiries on this site. 

Do you still do machine quilting? Will you quilt my project?

Sorry, I no longer do any machine quilting for hire. Just my own stuff. Thanks for thinking of me though!

What is your favourite of all the designs you have made?

Hands down, Popcorn.

I'm a Beginner machine quilter, which designs would be best for me to start with?

I have a lot of designs that work well for beginners and have written PDF Fact Sheet all about it. Just sign up for my newsletter to receive a copy.

Also, the short answer if you don't want to read the Fact Sheet

is my Top 3 Beginner designs are:
Popcorn, Expression & Quirky