I am a surface pattern designer - this is my job. I've spent many years learning the skills necessary to be a good designer and to make a product that my customers enjoy to use.

So it's very important to me that my copyright be respected. Copying of designs and producing them is stealing, whether the pattern is sold or given away. It is against the law. All patterns that I make are copyright protected and those rights belong to me as the designer. 

The ways in which you can use the patterns I sell are as follows:

All rights reserved by the designer. This pattern is intended for use by the professional quilter and may be used on customer quilts or for personal use. It is not intended for mass production. Mass production for the purpose of this copyright means more than TWO identical items.
If you have purchased a Paper version of the design you may resize the pattern for your own use by photocopy only. DO NOT make derivative works or copy to give, or sell, to others.
Do not make any form of digital version of this pattern for your own use or for any one else. A properly digitized version of this pattern can be purchased for use with computerized machines.
If you have purchased a digital version of the design you may load it on up to three machines, provided that all machines are owned by you or your company and that these machines are all located in the same place.
Designs are sold with versions of the most popular systems. If you run a new or uncommon system please ask first before purchasing. Once digital versions have been purchased they may not be returned.
Designs may be sold with one machine - if you have it loaded on more than one you must remove it from any machines in excess of the original one prior to sale.

If you have any questions about this copyright information I am happy to clarify it for you. You may Contact Me through this website.

Thank you for purchasing my designs - I hope that you enjoy using them in your quilting.