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about me

I am a wife...and a mother... and a surface pattern designer.

I love to read and ride my motorcycle.

I love to create - whether it's with fabric, or paper, or paint. I dabble in lots of mediums, but right now my focus is painting, mostly in oils and watercolours.

For over 15 years I have designed for machine quilting and continue to do so. My pattern line is called ClothWerx and you can find it online for purchase at Willow Leaf Studio.

Life is flying by at an alarming rate - I don't want to miss a thing!



About Work

Way back in 1999, I started a home-based business doing machine quilting. It was called Willow Leaf Studio. At the time I had never seen a long arm quilting machine, had never seen anything quilted with one and had no one near-by to teach me how to operate one. Never-the-less I jumped off the cliff and purchased a Gammill machine to start my business.

Looking back I often marvel that I survived the experience!

Shortly after getting into machine quilting I realized that I had another problem - I really didn't care for most of the paper patterns that came with the machine and there was nowhere to buy them in Canada. I had one pattern by Dave Hudson that I and my customers adored (Interlocking Surf's Up) and that was it.

Since I couldn't buy patterns nearby and getting them from the US at that time was a bear, I decided to make some myself. With great long rolls of paper spread out across the floor and endless erasing and redrawing I finally came up with four designs; Daisy Swirl, Popcorn, Outerspace & Trains. I was building a website at a course and decided to put the designs up on the site. Dan from Columbia River Quilting asked if he could carry them in his online store and that was the start of the pattern designing business.

I sold the online business in 2012 and now do only the designing part which I still love. You can find all my designs   Willow Leaf Studio.

Find me online at

About Me

I am one of those people who likes to figure out how to do something, but not necessarily do it long-term. In my life I've worked at many jobs - bank CSR, insurance broker, realtor, photo lab technician, small business owner - however my longest stint to date was & is as a designer. I like that I can work when I like, where I like & change up what I'm doing depending on my mood.

I'm not a great athlete, but enjoy yoga. I like to walk my neighbourhood and say "Hi" to the neighbours as I go by. I snowshoe in the winter.

I spend most of my time with my husband and son, because I find them interesting and fun. But I do like to entertain - mostly small dinner parties with friends. That's the only time I really enjoy cooking, the rest of the time it's just a necessity and I'm ever thankful that my hubby likes to cook more than I do.

I knit, sew, quilt, paint and play the guitar (very poorly) while singing along (even more poorly). If I had all the money in the world, what I would want to do most is travel. I love to see other places. My next destination is Spain in 2016. I read every day, mostly pulp fiction, or trashy romance. When it come to books I'm not deep - I just like to read - a lot.